Magneto – Four Head dTape Echo & Looper Eurorack Module – Strymon

Interstellar Space Machine.

Create expansive soundscapes and evolving, otherworldly tones. Add layers upon layers of harmonic and rhythmic complexity within an enveloping stereo field. Infuse your rack with vintage warmth and retrofuturistic soul.

Tape Delay, Looper, And More.

Packed with powerful features while maintaining intuitive playability, Magneto is a stereo multi-head tape delay that also functions as a looper, phrase sampler, vintage spring reverb unit, phase-aligned clock multiplier, chaotic oscillator, zero latency sub-oscillator and more, with extensive CV I/O.


Transform Your Modular.

Turn simple monophonic signals into complex orchestrations. Create new oscillator tones using self-oscillation. Add rich stereo dimension to your sound, and enjoy the inherent warmth and sweet, subtle distortion characteristics of magnetic tape. Magneto transforms even the smallest rack into a fully expressive, immersive instrument.

Vintage Vibe.

To capture the full experience and complexity of a vintage tape echo machine, every last tape system attribute was relentlessly studied and faithfully recreated. From the sought-after natural saturation and soft clipping of magnetic tape when driven hard, to hands-on real-time controls for tape age, tape crinkle, and mechanical wow and flutter, Magneto delivers a rich multi-head delay experience that adds life and vibe to your sound.

Play It Like An Instrument.

Every function, control, gain stage, and signal path component in Magneto works together to respond musically and smoothly, even during the wildest live modular improvisations. All this is combined with a luxurious spring reverb to take the sound of your modular setup to a new level, and your sonic explorations into far-out territories.


  • Tape Saturation
  • Self-Oscillator
  • Pitch Shifted Delays
  • Spring Reverb
  • Looper
  • Phrase Sampler
  • Infinite Echo
  • Reverse
  • Clock Multiplier/Divider
  • Tape Stop/Start
  • Audio Scrubber
  • Stereo Operation
  • Warm Up Your Rack

    Not only does Magneto deliver the warm, luscious delay signals that tape delays are known for, it is also capable of a high degree of saturation. Turn up the Record Level knob to send a hot signal to the record head for any amount of tape saturation you desire. Turn up the Tape Age control for warmer repeats. Add some truly beautiful Spring Reverb. Magneto adds organic heart and soul to the sound of your modular.

  • Otherworldly Oscillator

    Tap in a fast delay time, crank up the REPEATS knob, and Magneto launches into beautifully singing self-oscillation. Magneto will find evolving tonalities determined by the SPEED/PITCH setting (knob or 1V/octave CV), and the LOW CUT and TAPE AGE knobs. Press the INFINITE transport button to capture a particular tonality. Switch to Pitch Quantize mode and as you turn the SPEED knob, Magneto will play within any of 15 selectable scales.

  • Pitch Shifted Delays

    In SHIFT mode, Magneto creates rhythmically pitched delays by changing the playback speed of each of the playback heads. Head 1 plays back up one octave and a fifth at 3x speed, Head 2 plays up one octave at 2x speed, Head 3 plays down one octave at half speed (creating deep bass sounds), and Head 4 plays quarter note repeats with no pitch shift. Use SHIFT mode to make things bigger and deeper, and to add melodic and rhythmic content. In SHIFT mode, Magneto is also easily configured as a powerful zero-latency sub oscillator: Just run your gate signal to the Restart CV input and blend in only Head 3 with the DRY signal.

  • Spring Reverb

    Some of the classic tape echo machines included small integrated spring reverb tanks tuned to limited bandwidth. For Magneto, we captured this vintage vibe while creating a flexible, beautiful spring reverb that stands on its own, in addition to enhancing delayed signals. The reverb circuit’s gain structure is designed so that when pushed hard, it will trash up nicely to hold its own with the funkiest lo-fi units, but when the input level is backed off, the reverb has a gorgeous, gentle character that enhances even subtle passages in a sophisticated and spacious way.

  • Sound on Sound

    Just like one of our favorite moving head tape echo machines, Magneto gives you a Sound on Sound mode (LOOP Mode).

    When you enter LOOP Mode, the machine is already recording, just like a traditional tape echo machine. Tape head 4 is the looper playback head while tape heads 1-3 provide delay repeats for the incoming signal. To set the length of your tape, press Tap once to set your splice “in” point, and press Tap again to set your splice “out” point. All of the tone shaping knobs are active and affect your loop as it plays back and re-records. Press Tap a third time to completely erase the tape. The REPEATS knob controls regeneration strength. Set lower REPEATS level for loops that evolve over time. The maximum loop length is 15 seconds at max SPEED, or two minutes at minimum SPEED.

  • Phrase Sampler

    Magneto includes a Phrase Sampler for recording a loop that is the length between two taps of the TAP button. Just press the TAP button once to start sample recording, again to stop recording, and a third time to clear the sample memory. You can trigger sample playback with the RESTART transport button or via the RESTART CV input. The Speed knob or Speed CV determines the pitch and speed of the sample playback.

  • Infinity and Beyond

    Want to just let Magneto continue to generate a soundscape while you play with some other modules? In ECHO mode or LOOP mode, just press the INFINITE transport button at any time to disable the Record head and allow Magneto to continuously play the most recent delay cycle or loop length audio. You can also engage INFINITE and use Magneto as an oscillator.

  • Flip It And Reverse It.

    In ECHO mode, the entire tape contents (not just the current delay time) are played backwards when you press Reverse. This allows for some very trippy effects when playing back sections that included SPEED manipulations or PAUSE events. In LOOP or SAMPLE modes, the loop or sample length will play in reverse. You can continue recording new audio to layer with the reversed audio from the tape.

  • Phase Aligned Clock Multiplier/Divider

    Each of Magneto’s four tape heads has its own Clock CV output, phase aligned with incoming Clock or Tap CV signals. In ECHO mode with EVEN head spacing, Head 1 outputs 4/1 (16th notes), Head 2 outputs 2/1 (8th notes), Head 3 outputs 3/4 (dotted 8th notes), while Head 4 is 1/1. Different values are available in TRIPLET and SHIFT head spacings.

  • Mechanical Tape Stop/Start Effect

    The PAUSE transport control is part of Magneto’s faithful recreation of a varispeed tape delay, with mechanical slowdown when pausing and mechanical speedup when coming out of pause. The speed of this mechanical slowdown/startup effect is user-definable.

  • Scrub Your Audio Clean.

    When the transport has come to rest after Pause is engaged, the Speed knob acts as an audio scrub tool. The length of audio in the scrub buffer is determined by the position of the Speed knob when Pause is engaged, from 750ms at maximum speed, to 6 seconds at minimum speed.

  • Stereoize Your Modular

    Double your dimension. Even if everything else in your rack is mono, plug into Magneto’s left input and enjoy instant stereo gratification. Each of Magneto’s four playheads can have their outputs panned hard left or right (or center). There are three pan modes: LRLR, LRRL, and (customizable) Center. With all heads centered, a psycho-acoustic stereo image is produced. Adding Wow and Flutter or the built-in Spring Reverb enhances the stereo field even further.

Video Demos

  • Tone / Mechanics
  • Shift Head Pitch
  • Record Level Saturation
  • Multi-Part Orchestration
  • Sub-Oscillator
  • Video Game Sampler
  • Rhythms, Reverbs, Manipulations
  • Speed Changes
  • Chaotic Oscillator
  • Quantized Pitch
  • Sound On Sound Looper
  • Adding Ambience
  • Vari-Speed Phrase Sampler
  • Guitar Sequence
  • Sci Fi Lo Fi
  • Fun With Transport
  • Tone and Mechanics Control

    The effect of the Low Cut and Tape Age knobs are explored, followed by the mechanical ‘deterioration’ of the machine with the Crinkle and Wow and Flutter controls. The Speed knob is put to use for sonic enhancement.

  • Shift Head Pitch and Rhythm Manipulations

    The Shift Heads mode creates a synchronous, rhythmic musical production that results from the playback heads running at different speeds.


  • Record Level Saturation Effects

    The tape drips with saturation when the Record Level is turned up. This example shows how things can get good when you push the limits. The Low Cut and Tape Age get in on the action for good measure.

  • Multi-part Orchestration from Mono Input

    A slow sequence is transformed with the Shift Heads while the Infinite transport CV is toggled using one of Magneto’s own clock outputs.

  • Magneto as Sub-Oscillator

    Using Magneto as a zero-latency sub-oscillator is as easy as sending a Gate signal to the Restart CV. Adding feedback creates sub-octaves of the sub-octave.

  • Video Game Sampler

    Minor Pentatonics ruled the day in the arcades. Here the Phrase Sample mode is used to fire some lasers and score some points.

  • Funky Rhythms, Gated Reverbs, and Transport Manipulations

    Magneto provides the clock to a lively sequence and fills out the rhythm with delays and gated Reverb using the Spring CV input. The transport controls let you manipulate the machine in a variety of ways. When the deck is stopped, the Speed knob becomes an audio scrubber.

  • Speed Changes While Following Clock Input

    Magneto gracefully re-syncs to the Clock CV input after Speed knob manipulations temporarily change the delay time and pitch of the audio that has already been recorded. An LFO connected to the Speed CV provides a gentle vibrato.

  • Magneto as a Chaotic Oscillator

    Magneto self-oscillates in ever-evolving ways as the Speed knob is manipulated to change the pitch of oscillation. Combining this with Magneto’s Pitch Quantize mode, or controlling the Pitch with an external 1V/oct CV results in a unique sound generator in its own right.

  • Creating Harmonies with Quantized Pitch

    A monotonic static input tone is morphed into a chordal tone generator by varying the SPEED knob while recording the incoming tone. The 1v/oct SPEED CV adds more possibilities.

  • Sound On Sound Looper

    Sounds are recorded at varying tape speeds in looper mode to create a full spectrum of slowly evolving sound-on-sound textures.

  • Adding Ambience

    A little free-form improvisation with Magneto providing a multitude of ambience.

  • Vari-Speed Phrase Sampler

    Magneto becomes a classic keyboard vari-speed sample playback machine by utilizing the 1v/oct Speed CV and the Restart CV inputs.

  • Guitar Sounds Through Magneto

    Why should synth players have all the fun? Here Magneto processes a guitar signal to create a new world of sonic possibilities.

  • Sci Fi Lo Fi

    Travel back in time when the sound of the future was ominous and unforgettable. Magneto completes the journey with vintage spring reverb and oscillating lo-fi delay tones.

  • Pause Speed and Fun with Transport Controls

    Magneto’s Pause speed can be varied from snappy quick to super slow. The transport controls invite spontaneous creativity, and smoothly transition back to reality when you decide it’s time.

Control & Routing

Click (+) for details.
  • Front Panel
  • Circuit Board
  • LEFT IN: Left audio input. Use for mono input.
    RIGHT IN: Right audio input.
    LEFT OUT: Left audio output. If only one output is connected, Delay output sums to mono.
    RIGHT OUT: Right audio output. If only one output is connected, Delay output sums to mono.
    SEND: Delay repeats generated by Magneto are sent out to be processed by other devices.
    RETURN: Processed delay repeats are returned back to be mixed in with the dry input signal.
    CLK IN: Sets the delay time in quarter notes. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger) Clock period range – 50ms to 15s.
    SPEED: Controls the tape speed. (-3V to +3V, calibrated for 1V/octave).
    WET: Modifies the WET level. (-5V to +5V)
    REPEATS: Modifies the REPEATS level. (-5V to +5V)
    CLK 1 OUT: Send clock output of Playback head 1. Dependent on MODES setting and HEADS switch.
    CLK 2 OUT: Send clock output of Playback head 2. Dependent on MODES setting and HEADS switch.
    CLK 3 OUT: Send clock output of Playback head 3. Dependent on MODES setting and HEADS switch.
    CLK 4 OUT: Send clock output of Playback head 4. Dependent on MODES setting and HEADS switch.
    REC GATE: Toggles the record head ON and OFF, REC LVL LED lit BLUE when input signal to the delay line is muted. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger)
    SHIFT: Toggles the SHIFT effect for the Playback heads on and off. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger)
    INFINITE: Toggles INFINITE transport control on and off. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger)
    FORWARD/REVERSE: Toggles the FORWARD/REVERSE transport function. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger)
    RESTART: Engages the RESTART transport function. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger)
    PAUSE: Toggles the PAUSE transport function. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger)
    TAP: Sets delay time in ECHO mode. Sets splice in/out/clear in LOOP mode. Sets sample record start/stop/clear in SAMPLE mode. (0 to 5V rising edge trigger)
    SPRING: Modifies the SPRING reverb level. (-5V to +5V)
    DRY: Sets the level of DRY (input) signal sent to the output.
    REC LVL: Controls the level of the incoming unprocessed signal fed to the Delay Line Record head. When turned up, the delay signal becomes fatter and more saturated. Turn knob down to get cleaner delay signals.
    LOW CUT: Controls the low frequency shaping of the echo repeats. Set to minimum for extended low frequency bandwidth. Set to maximum for extremely high-passed, magnetic drum style repeats.
    WET: Sets the level of delay signal sent to the output.
    REPEATS: Controls the feedback level of the delay repeats for the tape heads that have their FEEDBACK toggle set to ON.
    SPRING: Controls the output mix of the integrated spring reverb tank. The DRY and WET knobs control the signals feeding into the spring reverb effect.
    TAPE AGE: Controls the bandwidth of the tape. Set to minimum for a fresh, full bandwidth tape. Turn clockwise for warmer repeats.
    CRINKLE: Controls the amount and severity of tape irregularities including friction, creases, splices, and contaminants. Set to minimum for a fresh, clean tape. Set to maximum for a tape that has been mangled and chewed.
    WOW & FLUTTER: Controls the amount of mechanically related tape speed fluctuations. Turn the knob fully counterclockwise for a perfectly tuned tape machine or fully clockwise for a tape machine in need of service.
    ECHO: Four head tape delay with four playback heads and one record head.

    LOOP: Sound on Sound looper. Tape head 4 is looper playback, heads 1-3 provide delay repeats for incoming signal.

    SAMPLE: Phrase sampler records
    an audio phrase between two taps of the TAP button.

    TAP function depends on MODE selection.

    ECHO: Tap a delay time with two presses.

    LOOP: Tap to splice in, tap again to splice out and begin loop playback, tap a third time to clear loop.

    SAMPLE: Tap to start sample record, tap again to stop recording, tap a third time to clear the sample memory.

    SPEED / PITCH: Sets the speed of the tape machine. The tape speed also affects the fidelity of the delay repeats. Set high for cleaner delay repeats or low for a warmer tape sound. Any changes to the SPEED knob will result in a proportional change to the delay time of all the heads. Any audio in the delay line will shift in pitch proportional to the change in speed. When Magneto is Paused, acts as an audio scrub tool.
    HEADS: Selects between three different modes for the tape heads. Even spacing, triplet spacing, and rhythmic shifted pitches.
    PAN: Selects between three different stereo panning modes for the tape heads. Custom panning is available.
    PLAYBACK LEVEL 1: Sets the playback level for tape head 1.
    PLAYBACK LEVEL 2: Sets the playback level for tape head 2.
    PLAYBACK LEVEL 3: Sets the playback level for tape head 3.
    PLAYBACK LEVEL 4: Sets the playback level for tape head 4.
    FEEDBACK ON/OFF: Enables or disables feedback of tape head 1.

    If TRANSPORT is engaged:

    INFINITE: Disables the Record head and continuously plays the most recent delay cycle or loop length audio.

    FEEDBACK ON/OFF: Enables or disables feedback of tape head 2.

    If TRANSPORT is engaged:

    FORWARD/REVERSE: Reverses the playback direction of the tape from the moment the function is engaged.

    FEEDBACK ON/OFF: Enables or disables feedback of tape head 3.

    If TRANSPORT is engaged:

    RESTART: Restarts the playback of the loop or sample from the starting point in LOOP or SAMPLE mode. Aligns shifted head audio in ECHO operation.

    FEEDBACK ON/OFF: Enables or disables feedback of tape head 4.

    If TRANSPORT is engaged:

    PAUSE: Stops/Starts the playback of the tape with mechanical slowdown/startup effect.

    TRANSPORT: Press to toggle functionality of the four buttons above it.
  • POWER: Power your Magneto here.

    • +12V rail: 210mA
    • -12V rail: 210mA
    • +5V rail: 0mA


    ON: Allows for advanced CV trigger control of the FEEDBACK ON/OFF buttons (see user manual for complete detail).

    OFF (DEFAULT): Standard CV control of transport whenever transport CV jacks are plugged in.


    ON: Selects Dual Split mode where LEFT audio IN/OUT is a mono four head tape delay, and RIGHT audio IN/OUT is mono spring reverb.

    OFF (DEFAULT): Standard stereo IN/OUT with the delay signal feeding into the Spring reverb.

Completely Analog Dry Path.

In a typical digital effect the dry signal gets converted to digital, causing conversion noise and latency. Signals are often attenuated before combining digital dry and wet, with makeup gain amplifying the conversion noise. To avoid this terrifying scenario, we’ve equipped Magneto with a completely analog dry path. Why go to all this trouble? Because the improvements in dynamic range and reduction in noise are so dramatic.

Insanely Powerful DSP.


We’ve outfitted Magneto with the incredibly powerful Analog Devices SHARC ADSP-21369 processor, which provides a 366 MHz core instruction rate, and an incredible 2.4 Gigaflops of peak performance. Thanks to this high-powered technology platform within Magneto, we had the freedom to craft our processor-intense tape echo algorithms without compromise.


  • Sound Design
  • Control
  • Ranges
  • Audio Quality
  • More
  • Sound Design

    • Tape-voiced delay machine with four playback heads and one record head
    • Processor-intense dTape algorithm delivers meticulously nuanced recreations of vintage tape echo systems
    • Three operational modes: Echo, Sound On Sound Looper, Phrase Sampler
    • Varispeed algorithm with dynamic machine mechanics, 8:1 speed range
    • Input record level for clean reproduction to warm, fat saturation
    • Self-oscillating for tone generation
    • Independent Spring Reverb
  • Control

    • Dedicated control over tape mechanics, machine health, and tone: Low Cut, Tape Age, Crinkle, Wow & Flutter
    • Transport controls (buttons and CV inputs) for real-time performance options
    • Individual Playback Head Level controls
    • Individual head Feedback assignment independent of playback level
    • Three stereo head panning options, including user-defined custom panning
    • Phase aligned clock out (CLK OUT) CVs synched with clock in (CLK IN) CV
  • Ranges

    • Maximum Delay/Loop Time: 15 seconds at maximum Speed, two minutes at minimum Speed
    • Minimum Delay Time: 200µS at maximum speed
    • Clock In CV Range: 50ms – 15s
    • TAP Button Range: 50ms – 15s
    • TAP CV Range: 10ms – 15s
  • Audio Quality

    • Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital
    • Super high performance SHARC DSP
    • 114db typical signal to noise
    • Sampling Rate: 96kHz
    • Audio Input Impedance: 22 kOhm
    • Maximum Audio Input Level: 20 Vpp
    • Audio Output Impedance: 1 kOhm
    • Maximum Audio Output Level: 20 Vpp
  • More

    • Power
      • +12V rail: 210mA
      • -12V rail: 210mA
      • +5V rail: 0mA
      • Eurorack power cable included
    • Dimensions
      • Rack Width: 28hp
      • Rack Depth: 41mm, 1.61”
    • Designed & Built in the USA