Specifications and Features

  • 12v External power
  • Authentic Plexi internal voltage (300v)
  • 2 Channel
  • Dual internal 12ax7 Preamp tubes
  • On/bypass switch
  • Channel selector (channels 1 & 2)
  • Volume Channel 1
  • Volume Channel 2
  • EQ: Bass, Treble Middle frequencies
  • Input- Guitar Input

Amp out- If you are using a guitar amp, connect the Plexi-Preamp to the power amp through your amp’s return, doing this bypasses your amp’s preamp. If you are using only a power amp, connect directly to the power amp input.

The Baroni-Lab Plexi gives you that rich Plexi experience in a small affordable package with top-of-the line technology. This is a true to tone sounding Plexi unit that even uses the original voltage requirements. Awesome is the only way to describe this product and the value.


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