Constructed of pure silver over a stabilizing strand of oxygen-free copper, woven into our patent hollow oval geometry in an oval-coaxial configuration. It is hard to believe that a cable with this low of cross-sectional area is made of two 18 gauge conductors that are surrounded by low loss FEP.

power plug size H (tip size 3.4mm O.D., 1.3mm I.D.)
power plug size K (tip size 5mm O.D., 2.1mm I.D.)
power plug size L (tip size 5mm O.D., 2.5mm I.D.)
power plug size M (tip size 5.5mm O.D., 2.1mm I.D. barrel 15.2mm)
power plug size N (tip size 5.5mm O.D., 2.5mm I.D. barrel 9.5mm)



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