Our patented oval design partners with pure gold over Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) to create a LITZ wire absolutely without equal. This 100% shielded coverage incorporates a meticulous designed conductive sheath eliminates microphonic movement noise. Proprietary FEP dielectric provides the optimal impedance and it is made in the USA. This heirloom quality instrument cable that dares you to compare it to any other cable on the market.

Customer feedback about our gold guitar cable:

I have had the Analysis Plus Golden Oval Guitar/Instrument cable for about a week and a half to two weeks and I have been putting it through its paces. It is an amazing cable; this is a cable that superior sound quality is like no other I have heard/encountered. I have been an instrument builder for 30 years and at 65 years of age have been playing guitar for over 50 years, this is the best cable I have heard in all those years of building and playing. I first used the cable with some of the guitars which I build. My electric guitars are built to achieve great clarity, balance, chime, subtleties, and nuances. It is all about the refinement of good tone and your Golden Oval captures those same qualities and compliments my instruments in a very special way.

I tried some of my instruments with the Golden Oval through various amplifiers. The first thing I noticed about the cable was how efficient it was. The next thing was its great clarity. It is a very revealing cable; you can definitely hear what you are playing. I switched between various cables, including my favorite Yellow Oval, and the Golden had the greatest clarity of all the cables, I still feel the Yellow Oval is one of the best, but the Golden is in a league of its own.

After a week of using the Golden with electric guitars/amps I tried it with my benchmark steel string acoustic guitar, hand built, pawn shop special that I picked up about six years ago. It is my reference guitar I use to judge other steels string acoustics. It has an inexpensive sound-hole pickup. I plugged into an electric guitar amp, which is not the best match for an acoustic, used some other cables and then the Golden. I was absolutely amazed how great the guitar sounded. It was like someone took the rag out of the guitar, the blanket off the amp; it was though I was playing through a very expensive high end audiophile amp. The clarity, sound quality was amazing. Since then I and others have played it through other acoustic pickup equipped guitars and amps and the sound quality the Golden delivered was phenomenal.

The cable is expensive at $6,000.00. Is it worth it? Is a Dammann or an Elliott Classical guitar worth $40,000.00? There are many pro Classical players playing on guitars well over $35,000.00. To them the guitars are worth every penny for the quality of tone they deliver. To me the Golden Oval is worth every penny for the quality of tone it delivers. I have never encountered a cable of this quality until now; this has now become my reference cable to judge other cables. Thank you for building/making such an outstanding cable. I know I have now found the Golden Grail of instrument cables.

Larry Wysocki – Wysocki Custom Guitars