DuGyte GP721 Pedalboard Connection System

The DuGyte GP721 adds further capabilities over the GP521 with more power options in 9, 12 & 18VDC including switch selectable options and Effects Loom inputs.

Using patented technology and intelligent design the DuGyte will eliminate any hum or noise – improving your sound output, deliver all the power your effects pedals need, and make setup and tear down incredibly fast and simple, – all through one single DuGyte Cable Loom.

 The DuGyte GP721 contains
o DuGyte GP721 Front Station Hub
o DuGyte GP721 Cable & Connectors
o DuGyte GP Series AC/DC Power Adaptor

The DuGyte GP721 Front Station offers the following connections at the Pedalboard end:

● Signal Inputs – at the pedalboard
o Wireless Loop/Guitar Input
o Amplifier Input
o Footswitch –Mono/Stereo plug input
o MIDI [5-pin/no phantom power]
o Effects Loop – Send
o Effects Loop – Return

● Power Features – at the pedalboard
o Six (6) Total Outputs [@5 Amps max total output]
o Four (4) Outputs – 9VDC [@3 Amps max total output]
o Two (2) Individually Switch Selectable Outputs – 12/18VDC [@1.5 Amp max each output]

 Power Supply – located backstage
o Ground isolated Class II AC/DC power supply
o Input – 100-240AC 50/60hZ
o Output – 21VDC/15VDC @5 amps

● LED Indicators
o Power On
o Cable Input

The DuGyte GP721 model comes with a standard cable length of six (5) meters. Option is available to increase cable length prior to ordering. (Additional charges may apply)

DuGyte Inputs
Front Station Hub Guitar, Amplifier, Amplifier Footswitch, Effects Loop – Send & Return, Mid and 4 x 2.1mm 9VDC and 2 x 12/18VDC (switchable) power outlets
DuGyte Power Out
Front Station 4 x 9VDC @ 750Ma each and 2 x 12/18 VDC @ 1.0A each switch selectable All Negative pin, Positive sleve
DuGyte Cable Specifications
Cable DuGyte Flex 07 x 24AWG
No. of Cores 8 Individual wrapped cores each containing two shielded and one drain cable.
Capacitance cond / cond 85pfm cond / shield 170pfm
Conductor Stranded tinned copper 7 x 0.20mm
Conductor Resistance <85Ω/km
Crosstalk Atteunaton >100dB (15/khz)
Working Temp – 20◦C / +70◦C
6.3mm audio jack – Stereo Professional style Stereo jack plug for Amplifier Footswitch
6.3mm audio jack – Mono Professional style Mono jack plug for Guitar/ Wireless loop-back, Amplifier, Effects Loop Send & Return
Midi 5 pin Midi connector – Steel
Air Power Connector 4 pole female power connector with screw connector
Cable Connector
Maytech MPJL5-19 19 Pin Bayonet Connector
Power In
Mains Supply 120/240 AC (50/60Hz) in to DuGyte Power Adaptor
Adaptor Output 24VDC @ 5.0Amp Max


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