DUGYTE 5CM POWER PLUS  pedalboard connection system


The DuGyte 5CM Power Plus Multi-Effects (MFX) Pedalboard Connection System is designed for guitarists who use multi-effects pedalboard systems like the Fractal Audio FX/AX8 series or mains connected pedal board power supplies (voodoo labs, T-Rex etc) to power their traditional pedals and stomp boxes.

The 5CM Power Plus All-In-One cable provides multiple dedicated signal lines and a 100/240 50/60HzVAC power line that uses PowerCon connectors for a safe, secure connection.

Offered as the base model in the MFX Series, the 5CM can be customized to suit your individual needs. Easy mounting options in/on most pedalboards – mounting kits are available for most common pedalboards. The 5CM Power Plus is available in a left-stage cable exit and right-stage cable exit version.

The DuGyte 5CM Series can be used with any mains powered power supply and the following multi-effects pedalboard systems:


· Boss ME-80
· Boss ME-25
· DigiTech RP500
· DigiTech RP1000
· Line 6 Helix
· Line 6 Helix Control
· T-Rex Soulmate
· TC Electronic Nova
· TC Electronic G-System
· Rocktron UTOPIA-G100

 The DuGyte 5CM Power Plus contains

   o DuGyte 5CM Front Station Hub
o DuGyte 5CM Power Plus Cable
o PowerCon AC input & output cables

● Signal Inputs Front Station– at the pedalboard
o Wireless Loop/Guitar Input
o Amplifier Input
o Footswitch –Mono/Stereo plug input
o Effects Loop – Send
o Effects Loop – Return

● Power Features – at the pedalboard
o 1 x PowerCon mains output connector [100-240 50/60hZ AC]

All DuGyte 5CM Cables are manufactured and tested to withstand the rigorous life of touring and performing.


DuGyte Inputs
Front Station Hub Guitar, Amplifier, Amplifier Footswitch/Relay, Effects Loop – Send & Return, PowerCon power output
DuGyte Power Out
Front Station Mains power 100-240 50/60Hz AC
Power Output 100 – 240 50/60Hz AC
DuGyte Cable Specifications
No. of Cores 5 x Individual wrapped cores each containing two shielded and one drain cable for signal and 1 x Individual wrapped and shielded power core
Capacitance cond / cond 25pfm
Conductor Signal -pure 100% copper – 24 AWG Power – -pure 100% copper 14 AWG
Conductor Resistance <85Ω/km
6.3mm audio jack – Stereo Professional style Stereo jack plug for Amplifier Footswitch
6.3mm audio jack – Mono Professional style Mono jack plug for Guitar/ Wireless loop-back, Amplifier, Effects Loop Send & Return
Cable Connector
Maytech MPJL5-19 19 Pin Bayonet Connector


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