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    The name says it all. Clear Oval is such a transparent cable, we’ve even made the outer jacket of clear PVC. Designed just like our highly-acclaimed Oval 12, but using 14 awg wire instead of 12 awg, Clear Oval offers much of the same performance but at a much lower price.

    It makes beautiful use of our patent-pending hollow oval woven design in which every conductor wire is statistically as close to the return current as every other wire. The result is evenly distributed current density that adds up to better signal transfer than conventional solid-conductor cable designs.

    This Clear Oval guitar amp jumper cable is available with straight or 90 degree 1/4 inch mono plugs to butt connectors.  This is a great way to get better sound out of you amp by upgrading the speaker cable.


    This 14 AWG clear oval speaker cable uses our patent hollow oval geometry so none of the high frequency nuances are lost. Built of oxygen free copper, with a computer matched dielectric to provide proper impedance, this cable offers exceptional performance at a very affordable price.


    Pro Oval 12 speaker cable (12 AWG conductors) – comes with Gold 1/4″ mono plugs or SpeakOn connectors.


    Eliminate the weak link in your chain with the new QiJack.   The secret is the Patent Pending rings which expand into an oval shape to give you consistent grip on your plug to reduce contact resistance for the best sound.   You now have two contact points for the Tip (+) and Sleeve (-) for better performance.  You wouldn’t put bicycle tires on a Ferrari and you don’t want any other JACK between you and your music.



    Our top pro speaker cable.  Two 12 AWG silver plated copper conductors with our patented hollow oval geometry to give the best possible performance.  This is the cable John Mayer uses between his head and speaker cabinets as you can see in the picture below taken at Capital Records.  This is a reference quality cable for when you need the best sound.


    Our best speaker cable for the ultimate in performance.  It is a two conductor 12 gauge cable.  Our hollow oval inside a hollow oval design gives you a fully shielded speaker cable.  NASA has tested this cable and found it to be one of the fastest cable on the market (for more information go to our PROOF section on the website).  Now you can easily upgrade the cable that came with your amp.