As a touring and recording artist for nearly 20 years, I’ve been on the hunt for the ultimate clean boost pedal. After trying many pedals over the years, I decided to partner with a factory to design and release what I believe to be an extremely versatile, robust, and tour-worthy pedal.

Bonfire Boost is the first of what I hope to be many new pedals that I can introduce to the world. I hope you love Bonfire Boost as much as I do

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Bonfire Boost Clean Boost Pedal


Bonfire Boost Transparent Clean Boost Pedal was created out of the need for a versatile clean boost. As a touring musician, I was lacking a pedal that could go from an extremely strong clean boost-to a roaring high gain boost. There are many pedals out there that do a good job with clean OR gain, but I was unable to find the tone I was looking for in one dynamic pedal. Enter Bonfire Boost! – Ruvane

Bonfire Boost Features:

∙ Transparent Clean Boost
The “Inferno” setting provides an accurate, distortion-free clean boost for virtually all styles of music.

∙ Adjustable Tone EQ 

The “Sizzle” knob provides a tone sweep adjustment knob, which will move from a rounded soft mid/high suitable for jazz and other soft styles, to a middle setting suitable for blues, jam rock etc, all the way to a very boosted high eq for metal and other aggressive styles.

∙ Clean to High Gain
The “Blaze” knob offers a setting from completely clean, to extremely high gain. Your tone preferences will be found easily somewhere in the spectrum.

∙ True Bypass
Offering true bypass switching, you can be assured your guitar’s true tone is being routed directly to the amplifier when the pedal is disengaged.

∙ Super Bright LEDs
3 Super bright LEDs notify you of the pedal being engaged.

∙ Strong Metal Housing and Components
Bonfire Boost is designed with the professional touring and recording artist in mind. Bonfire Boost is housed in a strong metal enclosure, and features robust pots and pedal switch.

∙ Electric or Acoustic
Suitable for electric or acoustic guitar, this pedal will help you carve out the perfect tone.

∙ Power Settings
Bonfire Boost operates with 9v battery. Alternatively, you can connect it to your favorite pedal power source on your board.

Check out what Bonfire Boost can do for your tone…


Take a look at some of our sample videos. Keep in mind these are just a few ways the Bonfire Boost can set your tone on fire!