Time-Warped Reverberator.

Create vast soundscapes with just a few notes from your instrument. Apply mind-bending pitch and harmonic manipulation to your reverb tails, with synth-like filter sweeps.

About Noise Toys

Noise Toys Imports are passionate about the music industry. We are dedicated to our search for outstanding brands that are not currently brought into Australia. We are constantly looking for perfection in tone and quality in products that we sell.

We are establishing dealer networks across Australia, from capital city to regional hubs. NTI can deliver speedy, reliable service. Stock is never a shortage from our manufacturers.

Noise Toys Imports deal with some of the best music retailers in Australia. We supply to those who understand the quality products we sell. We have identified a need to bring specialist instruments and guitar affiliated equipment into Australia. There is an increasing need for products that simply were not available here.

The directors of NTI have over 50 years experience, listening to retail clients over this time. We identified the need to start NTI, enabling the importing of these top line quality products into Australia.


We want to build products with no compromises.
We want to push the limits of technology in music.
We want to redefine what is possible with music gear.
We want to use exceptionally great components and ridiculously powerful processors.
We want to make gear that sounds better than anything you’ve ever heard.
We want to make our customers happy.
We want you to be inspired to create amazing music.

The History

Damage Control was founded in 2004 with the release of our line of tube-driven effects pedals, which earned critical acclaim and became favorites among guitarists across the globe. In 2009 we began developing products under the Strymon name, and the rest is history!

Looking inside a Soldano amp is like looking under the hood of a Formula One racer. Soldano guitar amplifiers are made in a way that is unfamiliar to most electronics people.Physical components come from the best possible, top-shelf sources, such as aircraft components and hand-made transformers. All assembled in such a way that allows for no compromises and delivers an optimum combination of performance, function, and appearance.

No matter how advanced an assembly line you create, there’s just no way to duplicate the quality of building and wiring by hand. That’s something Soldano understands very well, which is why they make all of their amps that way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re stuck in the past, either: although their amps are assembled by hand, they still incorporate more than their fair share of technological innovations. It’s a straightforward approach that brings together the best of the new and old- school ways of doing things, which is undisputedly the best method for

When you want serious performance, there’s no alternative to a serious amp. Built by hand, designed for the stage, and catering to professional artists who simply need the best, Soldano amplifiers are second to none. If you’re ready to kick your music career into overdrive, then you’ve come to the right place.



The Hotone Audio company is highly invested in the development of its employees, is motivated by technological innovation, views excellence in quality as a competitive strength, stands on a foundation of outstanding service, and strives to provide every customer with a sensational experience.

Hotone’s slogan is “Design Inspiration”, which has a few shades of meaning. One of course is designs based on inspiration: that the products come out of some serious professional brainstorms centered around what is, what isn’t, and what can be made possible. It’s one of Hotone’s core values to challenge the limits of design.

“Design Inspiration” also means that it’s important for us to design and manufacture high quality products that musicians of all kinds can enjoy and be inspired by. Inspired to try something new, inspired to dig deep and put it all out there.

As ideas become designs, the Hotone team buckles down to create products the music world has always wanted but never before imagined possible. Expect from Hotone products for professional and amateur musicians alike: rugged, portable devices that don’t compromise on tone.



Zemaitis guitars take pride in making art with their instruments. Not only are their instruments very aesthetically pleasing, by way of incredibly meticulous metal engraving, but they are pleasing to the ears as well.

Tony Zemaitis uses nothing but the finest Honduran Mahogany, Duralumin hardware, DiMarzio pick-ups, and to complete the package he hand polishes multiple coats of lacquer to ensure the guitar breathes just as well as it is protected.

Musical instrument cleaners, conditioners and polishes good enough for a $10 million Bugatti!

Any performing musician will tell you that they’ve used a quarter in a pinch at a gig, but it’s sometimes difficult to hold in the original shape, and certainly not smooth on the strings. When the first Coin Guitar Pick was constructed, we looked for the perfect way to blend style with unique musical qualities.

The first Coin Guitar Pick was from a 1992 Washington quarter. It created a crisp, bright feel to the music that is difficult to otherwise reproduce. After experimenting with coins of different years, sizes, countries, and metal make up it occurred to us that other players and collectors would be interested in trying these picks as their histories are as unique as the players themselves.

Whether you are a beginner, expert, somewhere in-between or just like to collect unique pieces of musical art, I’m sure you will fall in love with one of these picks. If you are unsure which one to choose, look for sentimental years, country of your family’s origin or just buy 2.